These are some of the illustrations I've done. I start with plain pencil and paper, then scan the pictures into my computer where I color them and add some effects such as shading. I apologize for the lack of content at the moment, the gallery will be growing in time.

Telekinetic Yin & Yang

I named this characer Elise and it's sort of drawn from a vague idea for a manga I have in the back of my head. As you can see, she has telekinetic powers, and the yin and yang balls were meant to be weapons of some sort.

Girl and ramen (Screen-tone test)

This was made as a test to see how I'd handle screen-tone, which is a thin plastic film that a lot of manga artists use to add shading to their art. Let's just say I'm glad there are computers for doing this sort of thing nowadays. Still, it has its charm despite being tedious and time-consuming.

Cammy White

Back in '93 when "Super Street Fighter II" was released, Cammy became the second female character to ever grace the series, and she quickly became a fan favourite as well. There's so much going on in her design - you got the double braided pigtails, the red beret, the scar on her left cheek (not visible here though). What's not to like about it? :)