I'm a huge fan of videogame music and like to make my own versions of different songs. The process of listening to music from an old game system and reimagining it with "proper" instruments is both a challenge and a learning experience.

Space Odyssey, July 2011 Download

Game: Gradius II  |  Composer: Various

This is my grand, 10 minutes long Gradius II megamix that covers nearly half of the game's soundtrack. The music of the Gradius series has always been nothing short of amazing, so I hope I did the songs justice. Originally, I was going to add some announcer vocals shouting "Shoot it in the head!" and so on, but it ended up sounding corny so I scrapped that idea :P

Memories of Times Past, February 2010 Download

Game: Mega Man & Bass  |  Composer: Akari Kaida

While I was working on my remix of Strike Man's theme, I started listening to some other music from the series and realized I just had to cover the intro stage music from Mega Man & Bass. I think this game deserves more attention than it got. So here's my smooth and laid back version of the song.

Go For The Score, February 2010 Download

Game: Mega Man 10  |  Composer: Unknown

This is a song from a game that hasn't even been released yet, I'm just crazy like that! So Mega Man 10 will be released next month and I thought I'd go ahead and celebrate with this arranged version of Strike Man's theme. Another big reason why I picked it was because I wanted to recreate the part that sounds like a fight song, which always makes me smile because it's so silly :)

Creatures That Lurk In The Dark, February 2010 Download

Game: Castlevania: The Adventure  |  Composer: Various composers

Now, "Castlevania: The Adventure" on Game Boy has never really been considered a shining moment in the Castlevania franchise. It does, however, not disappoint when it comes to its music. As always, Konami delivers awesomeness by combining horror music with metal!

Spring Yard Swing, December 2009 Download

Game: Sonic The Hedgehog  |  Composer: Masato Nakamura

Back in 1991, Sonic was probably as cool as you could get on a videogame console. But it wasn't his fast running alone that helped him establish his reputation, I believe Masato Nakamura did a lot to add to the coolness-factor of Sonic. So here's my tribute to one of my favourite songs from the game.

Unstoppable Force, December 2009 Download

Game: Gradius III  |  Composer: Konami Kukeiha Club

Nothing says "epic space battle" more than the soundtrack of Gradius III. Clearly drawing inspiration from space operas and science fiction anime in general, the music creates the appropriate soundscape for Vic Viper's lone struggle against the Bacterion empire.

Into The Wild, October 2009 Download

Game: Super Contra  |  Composer: Hidenori Maezawa

A very heavy, intense and not to mention catchy tune. I'm pleased with how the guitar parts turned out, often I find that synthesized guitars end up sounding awfully bad but not this time :) I wanted to spice things up, so I added a part that was used in the remix version of this song in Neo Contra.

Space Walk, October 2009 Download

Game: Thunder Force IV  |  Composer: Toshiharu Yamanishi

If I were to describe the style of this song I think I'd say futuristic space-jazz, cause that's... sort of what it sounds like. Thunder Force IV has one of the best soundtracks ever to grace the Sega Megadrive, though I do prefer the jazzier songs to the more rock-oriented ones.

Windy Night, October 2009 Download

Game: Mega Man 4  |  Composer: Bun Bun (Yasuaki Fujita)

This was the stage I always used to pick first whenever I fired up Mega Man 4. Anyone who's played this knows that Toad Man is one of the easiest bosses in the series because of his flawed attack pattern. I guess by now you can tell I really like the music in Mega Man games? :)

Spark Things Up, July 2009 Download

Game: Mega Man 3  |  Composer: Bun Bun (Yasuaki Fujita)

Spark Man is an electric robot, so naturally I had to make this song sound electric :) I think the soundtrack for this game really stands out in the series and sometimes even rivals the quality of Mega Man 2, which is usually the game that gets all the attention.

Glittering Caves, June 2009 Download

Game: Mega Man 9  |  Composer: Various composers

One of my absolute favourite songs from Mega Man 9. I used a guitar and a toy piano for this song, because I wanted to try using some live instruments instead of just synths. Also, listen closely and you'll hear my recently purchased Jim Dunlop maracas egg :)

Super Mario Theme on DS, February 2009 Download

Game: Super Mario Bros.  |  Composer: Kōji Kondō

This one hardly needs any introduction, am I right? :) If you know what a video game is, you know the Super Mario theme - period. What makes my version so special? Well, it was made entirely on my Nintendo DS using a neat little software called Korg DS-10.

Tower of The Serpents, February 2009 Download

Game: Mega Man 3  |  Composer: Bun Bun (Yasuaki Fujita)

A classic song from the popular Mega Man series, this is Snake Man's grandiose theme. His level always struck me as bit strange, because nothing about it is related to snakes other than the enemies. Then again, that was usually the case in Mega Man 3.

In Hot Pursuit of Green, January 2009 Download

Game: Gunstar Heroes  |  Composer: Kazuo Hanzawa

This is one of my favourite songs from this game. It just captures everything the level is about; energy and excitement. Kazuo Hanzawa is a master at creating epic lead melodies that get you in just the right mood for blowing up legions of dim-witted soldiers and gigantic mechas.

Shrouded Past, January 2009 Download

Game: Super Street Fighter II  |  Composer: ??

There's something deep about this song, which fits perfectly with the personality of the character Cammy, who this theme belongs to. It also goes well with the scenery which is meant to portray the english countryside, with the aurora borealis and mountains that seem to stretch into infinity.