A little bit about me

Me Hey there, the name's Tobias. I live in the suburbs of Stockholm, Sweden and have been doing so all my life. Ever since I was very young, creating all kinds of things has been my great passion. First and foremost drawing and painting, but over the years I've taken a liking to making music and photography as well.

I don't see myself as a very "handy" musician, I don't own any instruments of my own apart from a MIDI keyboard (I do however own an old accordion and a toy piano that provide the occational laugh). The majority of what I do is done on my computer, but I would certainly like to explore the possibilites of using more physical instruments.

For over 10 years I've been making music and some of it has previously been released under my old monikers Sugarush, Cvel and Ubahn, freely, by online labels such as Soulseek Records and the now defunct Rebyte (which by the way still has some of the old stuff available for download). My music remains a hobby and not something I make a living off, but one never knows what the future may hold.

I also love video games, and the music in them. So every now and then I do covers of various songs from some of my favorite games. It's a nice little break from more "serious" music, and it helps me understand the structure of music in a fun way since a lot of pieces can be quite complex and different from what I usually do.